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          ST JAMES NEW WEHDEM                  

Worship on Sundays at 10:30am

          ST PAUL PHILLIPSBURG               

Worship on Sundays at 9am

Of All the Things We Do at St. James and St. Paul ...
Whole Grain Bread


Worship of God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—is the most important. Everything else in our community flows from worship. It is the heart of who we are. Both churches here have traditional Lutheran worship with hymns, following the pattern listed below:

  1. We gather as the people of God;

  2. We hear the Word of God in scripture and in preaching that is connected to our daily lives;

  3. We share a meal together of Holy Communion, where bread and wine are shared for all in table fellowship;

  4. We are sent out into the world to be active disciples in God’s marvelous creation.

Children/Youth are absolutely welcome in worship! 
Kids are a part of life at St. Paul and St. James. No need to worry about making noise - it happens all the time. We care  about forming faithful habits in young people, and that starts with being present in church - toys, tears, and all. 


In addition: 

- St. Paul has monthly "Fun Sundays" where families are invited for after-church activities and a shared meal. Check out the calendar for the next Fun Sunday date.

- St. James has Sunday School beginning at 9:30am every Sunday, except the first Sunday of the month, where it begins at 10:30.


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