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In January 2018, the Lutheran churches of St. James New Wehdem and St. Paul Phillipsburg chose to unite in ministry together. For churches that are 4.7 miles apart, this partnership has given us gifts of new relationships in faith and new energy for our work in the world.

Both churches worship independently and maintain their own budgets and leadership councils, but our goal is to be stronger together in our outward ministry.

This looks like:

  1. Partnering for youth activities, like Vacation Bible School or confirmation classes

  2. Worshiping together a few times each year

  3. Working together in our outward mission projects, from collecting food donations to traveling together for adult service trips

  4. Sharing a newsletter, website, pastor, and other resources 


All of these efforts and decisions are guided by a shared ministry team, represented by a handful of members from each church.   

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